We're doing all we can to make sure you have a great holiday weekend.

Hola Fahrenhistas,

We’ve celebrating public holidays on both sides of the Atlantic this weekend (May Bank Holiday in the UK - Memorial Day in the USA) so we decided to help all your weekends go with a bookish swing…

First off, we’re running one of our EPIC AMAZON PROMOTIONS - we published debuts novels in December 2020 and frankly they got swept away by the Christmas rush. These 4 books are some of the best debuts we’ve ever read and we’ve decided to circle around again and promote them as if they’re brand new books - so for a starter ALL FOUR OF THEM ARE FREE ON AMAZON this weekend.

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend we’re also revealing the covers and titles of the mystery books by Jo Perry + Derek Farrell we’ve had tightly wrapped in brown paper to tease you over the last few weeks.

Drumroll please…..

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Beautiful ain’t they? As you can see Jo’s book is called PURE and Derek in his wisdom has decided to drive a tractor through his popular “Death Of A…” brand by calling his new Danny Bird Mystery DEATH AT DUKES HALT.

We won’t tell you anything about the plots just yet - we’d still like you to pre-order them on trust for a while - you can still get 10% OFF if you do (or 15% if you order both).

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And finally, to really make your holiday weekend go with a swing we’ve decided to GIVE YOU ALL A MASSIVE 20% DISCOUNT ON EVERYTHING IN OUR STORE - just use promocode WEEKEND20 at the checkout.

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Same goes for our merch - 20% OFF EVERYTHING…

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And remember when you buy any paperback from us WE GIVE YOU THE EBOOK FOR FREE so you could be reading any of our books within minutes of using your 20% DISCOUNT - just remember to enter the promocode at the checkout.

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Okay people, that’s all from us this week - we hope you have a great holiday weekend and if you’re in a part of the world where lockdown rules allow you to meet up with family & friends take it easy and keep each other safe.

Better times are coming, we can feel it.

We kiss you


P.S. - we’ve got some BIG Paul Gadsby news next week and there are STILL 4 copies of his Fahrenzine in stock - they’ll definitely go this weekend so if you fancy getting your hands on one of these collector’s issues before the BIG news breaks you’d better be quick.

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